Discover Bohinj 

Nature. Adrenaline. Memories.

An adventure in the heart of Bohinj is waiting for you!

Mental renovation.

Adventures in Bohinj are not just for the body. Refresh your mind, break your routine and fill your soul with new experiences.

Community building.

Our activities encourage teamwork and bonding. Come with family or friends and strengthen your bonds in the most fun way.

Physical fitness.

Vsaka naša aktivnost je priložnost za krepitev telesa. Od izzivov zipline-a do paintball bitk, spodbujamo vas, da ostanete aktivni in živahni.

Natural therapy.

Our experiences in nature strengthen the body and spirit. Discover the power of fresh alpine air and wake up with every breath.

Fly over Bohinj!

Discover the magic of Lake Bohinj and the surrounding mountains from the most beautiful perspective - from the air. Our experienced, licensed tandem pilots take you on a panoramic flight where you will experience the thrill of paragliding firsthand. Fly over the heart of the Triglav National Park, admire the picturesque views of the Julian Alps and experience unparalleled freedom in the air. Whether you choose a panoramic, aerobatic or photo flight, we promise you an experience that will enrich your life. No prior experience is necessary, as you will be in the reliable hands of our pilots from take-off to landing.

A unique simulation of ski jumps
in the heart of Bohinj!

In the heart of the idyllic landscape of Bohinj, just a few steps away from Lake Bohinj, there is a real adrenaline treat for all fans of extreme sports and those who want to experience something new. The first and unique device for simulating jumps in Slovenia awaits you at the jumping center in Polje. If you've ever wondered how our jumping champions like Prevc, Zajc and Lanišek feel when they fly through the air, this is your chance to experience just that. Don't worry - your safety is taken care of. Put on your jumping gear, test your limits and fly over 250m in a safe and controlled environment. Come and feel the incomparable mix of adrenaline, freedom and excitement that this extraordinary sport brings.

Paintball Adventure in Bohinj

Discover a new dimension of fun at the fresh paintball field in Bohinj. Indulge in adrenaline, strategy and laughter in the heart of nature, equipped with the latest equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, or looking for the perfect location for a birthday celebration or team building, we have something special for you.

About the Playground:
Our playground is designed with the player experience in mind. It is spread over 800m2 of grassy area with artificial obstacles that enable a dynamic and strategic game. In addition to the playing area, we also offer a pleasant place for socializing and relaxing.

Nature. Adrenaline. Memories. BOHINJ