BOHINJski-flyer zipline

  • Bohinj does not only mean discovering natural beauty and cultural and natural heritage
  • In Bohinj, we can also experience many other adventures, and with them we overcome our own fears or limitations. Perhaps you wanted to know how the birds or our jumping champions feel at the airfields (Prevc, Zajc, Lanišek)?
  • Fear of heights and speed can be overcome even in Bohinj.
  • That's why we equipped the jumping center in Polje (3 km from Lake Bohinj) with a device for simulating jumps, the first of its kind in Slovenia. The device enables safe training and a safe jumping test even for those who would just like to experience the excitement of this extraordinary sport.
  • Now everyone can put on their jumping equipment and fly on the new device and experience for themselves how our jumping champions feel. The opportunity to fly over 250 m should not be missed.
  • Adrenaline, but safe.

price list

  • Zipline descent adults 1x €18
  • Zipline children 1x €14
  • Each further descent €10