• Positive / work / motivation and a good atmosphere at the workplace or in the team are extremely important for the success of the company - team.
  • In addition to other sports activities, we can also prepare a picnic or a team building event in our center.
  • You can play volleyball, mini table tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, try your balance on the slack line or throw a frisbee.
  • Based on the number of participants and available time, we will create an individual concept for the competition, which can end with a picnic or feast (bbq or Bohinj cold cuts) outdoors or in the club area.


  • Game €10
  • Picnic per person + one drink €20
  • Cold cuts €6


  • Walking with group skis
  • Hidden treasure
  • Pull the ropes
  • Walking on a rope-slackline
  • Throwing a horseshoe
  • Hammering a nail (hole)
  • Stacking the tower
  • Volleyball
  • Football